Lender Facilities

Irish Mortgage lenders

There are a whole host of considerations to take into account when choosing a mortgage lender in Ireland. Our role is to provide you with a mortgage product that meets your long term requirements and this also involves being comfortable that the lender is going to stay the distance and is on a sound financial footing

Matters which we consider when choosing a lender include:

  • How long has the lender been operating in the Irish Market
  • How secure is the funding background of the lender.
  • Lenders lending criteria
  • Current mortgage rates: Both new business and existing customer rates
  • History of rates compared to the rest of the Irish mortgage market
  • Market experience of lenders: Commitment to the Irish market
  • Product flexibility
  • Service factors including speed of which mortgage can be processed and service throughout the life of the mortgage
  • Do we expect this lender to continue providing facilities in our market.This particular point is more relevant in today's uncertain economic environment.

Our Irish mortgage lender analysis below will help you in comparing the latest Irish lender facilities.

Lenders in the Irish mortgage market

There are plenty of buyers and indeed ample funding for buyers, just very few houses.

There are also a limited number of lenders following the exit of Ulster Bank and KBC from the market.

However with the remaining lenders there is a wide divergence in their product offerings and it is important that you take impartial advice before signing up to a mortgage.