What documentation do i need ?

Set out below is a link to our standard document checklist

Document Checklist

Assembling this information  as soon as possible in the process will make life easier and ensure a speedy mortgage approval.

How long will approval take?

We meet all our customers in person and at that meeting we identify a lender or preferred set of lenders to meet your needs in terms of mortgage amount and mortgage rate.

Following the meeting we will present the completed application form and supporting documentaion to an agreed set of lenders and we would normally expect to have approval within three to four working days.

This approval in principle will outline the level of finance available, the term and the rate and it will also set out any conditions that one needs to meet prior to loan offer.

The next step is to arrange an offer letter and this will issue following a valuation of the property you are buying and assuming you have met any conditions required. Most lenders will issue an offer letter in a matter of days following completed valuation.