Document Download Area search the market on your behalf, at no cost to you, and arrange approval with the best value lender. To secure approval we will require completion of the application form by you, completion of the salary certificate by your employer and we will also require the documents included in the attached checklist.

PDF icon Document checklist (CkList_Mortgages__2_.pdf | 39 kB)

The information we require in order to process a mortgage is set out in the attached.

Estatements downloaded from internet banking are acceptable provided they  contain with full transaction details, balance details, name and address, account details and the pages are continuous.

Please arrange to have three colour copies of your Id documents. Passport or driving licenses are acceptable documents.

PDF icon Application Form (Mortgages_ie_Application_Form.pdf | 194 kB)

Please complete and sign this application form. Certain questions may not be relevant to your circumstances, in which case leave the section blank.

PDF icon Salary Cert (SalCert_Mortgages__2_.pdf | 44 kB)

 Please arrange for your employer to complete this salary cert.