Mortgage application documents

PDF icon Mortgage Application Form (Mortgages_ie_Application_Form_2019.pdf | 108 kB)

This is our Generic mortgage application form which is used by our lenders when assessing your application.

PDF icon Document Checklist (Documentation_Checklist_for_Mortgages.pdf | 71 kB)

This checklist sets out the documents you need to gather to support your mortgage application. In the case of a joint application the information is required for both applicants.

PDF icon Employer Salary Certificate (SalCert_Mortgages__2_.pdf | 44 kB)

This document should be completed by your employer as evidence of your current employment arrangements.

PDF icon Privacy Notice (Privacy_Notice_FCI_May_2018.pdf | 148 kB)

We fully respect your privacy and only use data in accordance with this notice.
Our Privacy Notice sets out how we process personal data.

PDF icon terms of Business (Finance_Company_of_Ireland_Terms_of_Business__July_2019.pdf | 97 kB)

This document sets out our terms of business and provides background information on our Company, including our authorisation by The Central Bank of Ireland, the products we sell and how we conduct our business.