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How Much Can I Borrow?

This mortgage calculator will give you an estimate of your maximum borrowing capacity. The calculator allows you to add in other financial commitments to test the affordability of any potential borrowing. This calculator uses a range of factors to estimate your mortgage borrowing limit. These figures are not set in stone as all lenders use a range of factors in estimating your borrowing capacity. Our consultants will provide you details and additional information about how borrowing limits vary between lenders. Use our How Much Can I Borrow Calculator

Mortgage Repayment Calculator

This mortgage calculator is probably the most advanced Irish mortgage calculator available. Compare rates from a range of lenders to find the best selection based on your requirements. Advanced features allow you to select from different types of mortgage or from specific lenders and order your results based on different criteria such as: lowest overall cost, lowest starting payments. You can also stress test your mortgage and view the effects of increasing your payments using the payment acceleration feature. Use our Mortgage Repayment Calculator

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Mortgage Protection Insurance Calculator

This calculator allows you to input your cover requirements and personal details and then compares quotes to find the best deal on mortgage protection insurance and life insurance. You can also benefit from our special discounts on the best quotes of 16% for mortgage protection and 15% for life insurance. Try our Mortgage Protection Insurance Calculator now

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Basic Mortgage Calculator.

Input any rate and term and review repayments and interest element of repayments. Use our Basic Mortgage calculator

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Debt Consolidation/Remortgage Calculator

This calculator allows you to enter your current mortgage, loans and credit card payments. You can enter any additional funds you require then the calculator works out your new monthly payments. The repayments are shown over a range of different repayment terms. Use our Remortgage Calculator.

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Switch and Save Calculator

This mortgage calculator will help you find out how much you can save by switching your mortgage to a different lender or mortgage type. Simply enter the details of your current borrowing and remaining term and the calculator will display the monthly and total savings you will make. Use our Switch and Save Calculator

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Stamp Duty Calculator

Calculates stamp duty for new and second hand homes, for first time and remortgaging borrowers. This calculator will tell you if you are exempt from stamp duty payments and where payments are due, it will calculate the value of the payment. Use our Stamp Duty Calculator

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Should I Fix

This calculator calculates the savings or additional costs over the term of the fixed rate between your current variable rate and the lowest fixed rate in offered by our lenders. Use our Should I Fix Calculator

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Investment Affordability Calculator

This calculator analyses your current income, details of your proposed investment, and current equity position and, calculates the affordability of your proposal.

The calculator includes factors like equity release and fit-out costs and other income and expenditure to give a clear overall picture of your financial position in an investment scenario.

We recommend this calculator as a good starting point when considering an investment. Use our Investment Affordability Calculator

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Future Cash Flow Analysis

This advanced calculator produces a cashflow analysis for the investment term chosen. The inputs cover all main factors affecting the investment and the calculator factors in capital appreciation and increases in costs. Use our Future Cash Flow Analysis Calculator

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Portfolio Switching Calculator

For existing investors with a number of current mortgages this calculator allows you to compare the savings which can be made for each of your individual current investment mortgages. Details of each individual mortgage are entered for up to 6 different investments.

The output shows savings for interest only and capital repayment mortgages. Use our Portfolio Switching Calculator

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Moving House Calculator

This calculator is just the job if you're planning a move.

Based on your input this calculator gives you estimates of the stamp duty, agents and legal fees.

The calculator also gives you a range of suitable competitive products from a range of lenders. Use our Moving House Calculator

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Payment Accelerator Calculator

Calculate the effect of increasing your mortgage payments using our payment accelerator calculator.

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