Mortgage Interest Calculator

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This is a basic mortgage calculator where you can calculate the monthly mortgage repayment for any given interest rate and term.

The calculator output also displays the opening and closing balance on your mortgage each year and the annual interest cost and annual capital repayment.

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Avant One Mortgage Rates - Fixed for full mortgage term from 11 to 30 years.


Full mortgage term fixed rates
Loan to value Interest rate
<60% 3.95%
>60%<70% 4.0%
>70% <80% 4.05%
>80%<90% 4.1%



This calculator can be used to calculate the repayments of the new Avant One Mortgage which is a mortgage where the rate is fixed for the full term of the mortgage - up to 30 years.

Features of this mortgage include:

  • Rate fixed for full term
  • You can over pay by up to 10% of the opening mortgage balance each year.
  • Terms and conditions apply.


To use the calculator for calculating your Avant one mortgage monthly repayment cost, please decide on your preferred mortgage term and loan to value and select the rate from the matrix above and input the details into the calculator. 

Loan to value is the mortgage amount as a percentage of the value of the property.