Lender Facilities: Haven - AIB Group

First Time Buyers

% loan to value: 90%
100% facility: no
Interest only: no
Room rental: no Iimpact
Deferred payments: No
Multiple borrowers: 2
Valuation Fees: no
Indemnity Bond: No
Maximum Term: 35 years
Maximum Age at End of Term: 66
Guarantors: no


Text Description:

Investment Properties

Investment properties: NO
Applicable rates: No
Applicable discounts: N/A
Maximum LTV: N/A


Investment properties: No
Tracker mortgages: No
Mortgages: Yes- holiday homes only at home loan rates


Current Account Mortgages: no
Moratoriums: no
Holiday skips: No


Re-mortgages: Yes
LTV: 90%
Mortgage Switcher: Yes
Legal Fees: €2,000 contribution

Self Build

Self build properties: Yes
% loan to value for site / property: 70% site cost 100% of build cost(90% per stage balance on completion)
Charged on full repayment or each stage payment: no
Interest only option (Y/N Term): case by case
Flexibility repayment options: no

Tracker Mortgages

Rate Vs ECB rate: Withdrawn Oct 08
Tracker Mortgage: NO

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