Corporate Restructuring Division

Corporate Restructuring

Our Corporate Restructuring Division offers a wide range of Advisory services providing banks and business with valuable insights and working solutions so that they may protect their interests and allow businesses to grow and enhance their value.
Our Restructuring team helps underperforming companies and assists clients in drawing up plans to manage risk and eliminate inefficiencies:

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Experienced professionals working for you:

  • Qualified chartered accountants
  • Hands on commercial experience
  • Experienced insolvency experts
  • Close relationships with lenders
  • Business men who understand your needs

When times get tough its vital that you can talk openly with professionals who are there both to listen and to identify business solutions.

Our Corporate Restructuring team are there for you!

A structured approach to solving problems

Our financial expertise and practical business experience generally results in us approaching an assignment with a clear set of guidelines:

  • Identifying the core problems
  • Analysing the available solutions
  • Choosing a strategy to overcome the problem
  • Overseeing the implementation the strategy
  • Monitoring the progress of the business