Information For Investors

Why choose

Mortgage Company of Ireland is Regulated by The Central Bank of Ireland as a mortgage intermediary and we work on your behalf to secure the best mortgage for your individual circumstances. » read more


Mortgage protection for investment properties

During the boom many lenders did not insist on mortgage protection as an element of their security requirements. » read more


General advice notes on residential investments

In general residential investment properties are an excellent form of investment provided of course that one does not over pay for the property in the first instance. » read more


Irish Tax Implications of Foreign Property Ownership

The purpose of this document is to answer some commonly asked questions concerning the ownership of foreign properties and foreign rental income. The information covers the Irish taxation implications of foreign property ownership and not the tax implications in the country where the property is located. » read more


Tenancy Registration

Information about the registration of tenancies - It is a requirement on all landlords to register details of their tenancies within one month of their commencement on form PRTB1 available from this website. » read more


First-time investor issues

Before you become involved in investing in property there are some matters for you to consider: » read more


Matters to consider when buying residential investment property

Be prepared to become a landlord and take on the responsibilities associated with this. There is work involved and before embarking on this type of investment for the first time, talk to somebody who has already been down this road » read more


Shared Ownership

Regulations relating to shared ownership for homes in Ireland » read more