Step by Step

Moving House 

Deciding to sell your house and move to a new home is a big decision. In today's world, the limited supply of houses and the level of demand in the market can make moving home difficult. However, although it might be difficult, this should not stop you in following your dreams.

There are a basic rules that can make the process easier.

  • Carefully weight up the pros and cons of moving.
  • Whether you are upsizing or downsizing, the proposed new location should play the central consideration for the move.
  • Get mortgage approval well in advance of starting your search for a new home.
  • If your future circumstances are uncertain, for example, concerns about income, employment or heath, think very long and hard before your move.
  • Don't hesitate to downsize if you have plenty of equity, but not enough money to enjoy living!

Establish the value of your Home.
  • Contact a selection of estate agents with good reputations with knowledge of property in your area.
  • Request a free valuation and a quote for selling  your home.
  • Calculate the level of funds you will have available to put towards your new home.
Applying for your mortgage online with
You can start the application process by completing our brief online enquiry form.
We will review the information, run some calculations and get back to you with our findings and the options available.

If you wish to progress to formal mortgage approval we will then direct you to our new secure online mortgage portal, where you can complete a full application form, upload your documents and track the progress of your mortgage online, right through to completion.
Mortgage Approval
  • Once you have uploaded all the required documentation, we will discuss the lender options with you in further detail and together we will identify a lender that best meets your needs. We will present your application and our recommendation to the chosen lender or lenders, in order to obtain formal mortgage approval.
  • Mortgage approval typically takes two weeks after we submit an application.
  • Once you have your mortgage approval you are ready to view and bid on houses. If you agree a sale, it is standard practice that the purchase will will be subject to you having sold your existing home prior to the closure of your new home.
  • You only need to contact a solicitor after you have received mortgage approval and after you have gone sale agreed on a property.
  • Avoid auctions but if you want to buy at auction please ensure you get legal advice in advance of the auction.
  • Select a solicitor - fees may vary, but currently solicitors will pre-quote a fixed fee. Be aware that solicitor fees do not include VAT and additional outlay which may vary greatly. Outlay may include law searches, land registry fees, couriers, stamp duty etc.
  • Mortgage Company of Ireland have special arangements with a number of solicitors offering competitive legal fees. Please check our services/partnership area.
Sale Agreed on your home
  • Once the sale has been agreed your solicitor will receive a copy of the deposit confirmation and will draw up a contract - contracts are normally signed 4 weeks after a booking deposit has been received.
  • Contracts will be signed and 10% of the purchase price minus the amount paid for the booking deposit will be paid to your solicitor.
  • Prepare for your move with this list of people to contact, ensuring your move is smooth.

You need to carefully consider your circumstances before signing a contract for the sale of your house. Have you found your new house yet and have you signed a contract. What is the closing date? Does it suit you?

Moving Day

Here is a helpful countdown to moving:

  • On the closing day ensure that the house is empty, clean and ready for the new occupier
  • Your solicitor will receive the balance of the amount due - 90% of the agreed price. The keys will be handed over and your house will be sold.
  • It is time to move into your new house, the timing of this can be stressful, to ease the move it is best to organise professional movers. You can start packing and labeling boxes in advance leaving only the minimum for the moving date.
  • Keep out your survival pack
  • If you have children arrange for someone to mind them, this is not a job that can be controlled without your full attention. Although not essential it is normal to thoroughly clean your house before leaving.