The Mortgage Process

Mortgage Company of Ireland are leading independent commercial mortgage advisers.

Use our extensive knowledge, practical commercial experience and the services of trained Financial accountants to secure for you the mortgage to meet your needs.

1. Complete a short contact form outlining the broad details of your proposal, your background and details of the equity you have in place to put into the proposal.

2. We will review the information and assuming the proposal seems viable we will contact you to discuss further or advise you otherwise.

3. During our initial phone meeting we discuss your proposal in more details , give you our views and assuming the proposal meets the lending criteria of our lenders we will, with your agreement, then take the outline of the proposal to selected lenders for consideration..

4. If a lender is happy in principle to proceed we will agree out terms of business with you and move the proposal to application stage. Our Minimum fee is €2,000 plus 1% of the mortgage applied for, of which 50% is payable on approval and 50% on completion..

5. We will advise you of the information required to complete a transaction. We will prepare a detailed application to lenders with all require supporting documentation.

6. Prior to the application we will make arrangements with our agreed preferred lender to meet with you to discuss the application.

7. Following approval we will invite other lenders to quote for the proposal and consider terms offered.

8. We will work with you to negotiate the best package as possible with the chosen lender and also advise you on mortgage type and rate options.