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Typical Minimum Income requirements

  • Minimum income for a single person application is €35,000
  • Minimum Income for a joint application is €60,000
  • Minimum Mortgage size typically €135,000 

Maximum Mortgage

  • Mortgage maximum usually 3.5 times gross guaranteed Income 
  • Limited opportunities for exceptions above this level are available.


  • Employment should be permanent and secure
  • Contract employment considered in technology or medical area (very good contract history and prospects required)
  • Self Employed - Minimum two years trading supported by Financial Accounts 

Your Finances and affordability

  • Adequate deposit 
  • Proven repayment capacity for mortgage sought - clear evidence from savings and rent
  • Good credit History
  • Minimum of short term loans - except affordable car loans
  • No credit card debt or overdrafts


If you are not ready yet for approval !

Key area's to concentrate on are as follows:

  • Eliminate short term debt as a priority.
  • Pay credit cards bills in full as they due.
  • Use 3.5 times gross income as a guide for your maximum mortgage
  • Consider ways to grow your income such as promotion opportunities or upskilling through further education.
  • Prepare a detailed spending and income budget and realistic targets to reach your deposit
  • Save as much as possible