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Why use Mortgages.ie as your Mortgage Brokers?

  • We offer a personal, dedicated service, that is not available from lenders.
  • We analyse all your lender options and advise you on the best mortgage for you.
  • We take all the hassle out of the mortgage process.
  • You receive advice from qualified Chartered accountants and Mortgage professionals


Guide to standard qualification criteria for a mortgage.

Minimum Income requirements

  • Minimum Income single applicant €35,000
  • Minimum Income joint application €60,000

Maximum Mortgage

  • Mortgage maximum usually 3.5 times gross Income ( Basic plus guaranteed allowances). Exceptions not available due to Corona Virus policy changes
  • Regular commision and overtime may be considered 


  • Employment should be permanent and secure
  • Contract employment considered in technology or medical area ( good contract history and prospects required)
  • Self Employed - typically 2 years accounts and tax returns

Financial management

  • Adequate deposit
  • Proven repayment capacity for mortgage sought - clear evidence from savings and rent
  • Good credit History
  • Minimum of short term loans - except affordable car loans
  • No credit card debt or overdrafts


If you are not ready yet, please focus on the criteria that need attention in order to qualify. Having a plan is important, budgeting is important and pursuing education and training to enhance your employment prospects is well worth the effort.