Information For First Time Buyers


Mortgage lender and product choices

A helpful guide to product choices and choosing a mortgage lender. » read more

Step by Step Guide

A step by step guide to mortgages for first time buyers »read more

Getting Mortgage Approved

How to go about getting approval for a mortgage » read more

Self-build mortgages

Self build mortgages are mortgage facilities arranged for individuals building their own home. This mortgage category encompasses both direct labour construction and houses built by contractors under a building agreement. has vast experience in the provision of self build mortgages. Building one's home is not for everybody but, in almost all circumstances results in lower house purchase costs when compared to a ready-built house. » read more


Why choose

Mortgage Company of Ireland is Regulated by The Central Bank of Ireland as a mortgage intermediary and we work on your behalf to secure the best mortgage for your individual circumstances. » read more


2020 lending criteria update are here to asssit first time buyers in arranging their mortgage .Our knowledge of lending criteria allows us to advise clients how best to prepare for their first new home purchase. » read more


Mortgage Approval Timescales

How long will it take for your mortgage to be approved? Some basic information on the process and what you need to do. » read more


Using as your mortgage partner

Having made up your mind to buy a house and head off on your mortgage journey it is nice to have somebody to look after you along the way. » read more


Loan Arrears

Some home owners have problems paying their mortgages. This could be for many different reasons such as the end of a relationship, the loss of a job, or unexpected expenses such as having a baby. » read more


Choosing a lender

There are a whole host of considerations to take into account when choosing a mortgage lender. We monitor the ever changing market place so that we can keep you informed and assist you in making the right decisions on your choice of lender. Banks have reacted differently to the credit crisis with the bottom line being that it is harder to get money and it costs more. Our role is to provide you with a mortgage that meets your long term requirements. » read more


Renting a room

As house prices and mortgage levels have increased, many first time buyers are seeking to add to income by renting out rooms in their newly acquired houses. Most lenders will take the potential for such income into account when assessing borrowing capacity. » read more


Joint Purchases

The decision as to whether you can purchase the property yourself or with others is mainly based on finances. » read more


Costs associated with a mortgage

You will need funds to cover your deposit, stamp duty. legal fees and valuation and surveyors fees. » read more