Lender Facilities: KBC ( Current account offer)

First Time Buyers

Indemnity Bond: no
Maximum Term: 35 years
Maximum Age at End of Term: 68
Guarantors: No one bed apartments
% loan to value: 90%
100% facility: No
Interest only: no
Room rental: no
Deferred payments: no
Multiple borrowers: no
Valuation Fees: Payable by client


Text Description: Your KBC quote includes a 0.2% reduction in your mortgage rate on the assumption that you open a current account with KBC, have at least one salary mandated to this account and use this current account to pay your KBC mortgage. Terms and conditions apply.

Investment Properties

Investment properties: Yes
Applicable rates: See investment property rates in interest rate section.
Applicable discounts: no
Maximum LTV: 70%


Mortgages: 150k minimum income
Tracker mortgages: no
Investment properties: no


Holiday skips: no
Moratoriums: no
Current Account Mortgages: no


Re-mortgages: Yes plus funds for renovations
LTV: 90% max
Mortgage Switcher: Yes / will consolidate some home refurbishment loans taken out in past three years
Legal Fees: €3,000 contribution

Self Build

Self build properties: NO KBC do not finance self build properties
% loan to value for site / property:
Flexibility repayment options:
Interest only option (Y/N Term):
Charged on full repayment or each stage payment:

Tracker Mortgages

Tracker Mortgage: no
Rate Vs ECB rate: Withdrawn Oct 08

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