Life Insurance Information

Term insurance

This is the simplest and one of the cheapest forms of life insurance. A term life policy gives you a lump sum if you die during the term of the policy. » read more


Serious illness insurance/ Critical illness insurance

Serious illness insurance pays out a tax-free lump sum if you are diagnosed with one of the specific illnesses or disabilities that your policy covers. It is also sometimes called 'critical illness cover'. It is often sold as an extra benefit on a life insurance policy. » read more


Mortgage payment protection insurance - Redundancy Insurance

What is mortgage protection insurance? Mortgage Protection insurance is an insurance policy that will cover your mortgage repayments if you as a PAYE employee are unable to work and remain so for 30 days or more due to an accident, sickness or from being made redundant. » read more


Income protection insurance

An income protection policy pays out a regular cash payment that replaces part of your lost income if you have a long-term illness or disability and you can't work. It is also sometimes called 'permanent health insurance'. » read more


Home Insurance

Home Insurance Application Form through our Professional Insurance Association hace negotiated a special insurance scheme for our clients with Aviva ,one of the world's most reputable insurance companies. » read more


Mortgages and Life insurance

Most home loans require mandatory life cover. This means if you or a joint applicant dies during the term of the mortgage, an insurance policy covering death, is payable and repays your mortgage, ensuring you need not worry about the repayments. » read more