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Mortgage Protection - free second life cover.

  • Dual mortgage protection cover at no extra price
  • Compare all mortgage protection offers on the market
  • Arrange online with digital signatures
  • Avail of our online discounts of up to 20% for your policy term


This calculator compares both Life Insurance quotes and mortgage protection quotes.

If you are buying a house or you are an existing home owner you will need mortgage protection insurance as part of the security requirements for your mortgage, but it is also prudent to have an adequate level of life insurance, especially if you rely on your spouses income or have dependent children.

Most Mortgage protection policies are normally issued on a joint basis - the policy pays out once, on the death of either policy holder.

We can now arrange a dual life mortgage protection policy which pays out twice (on first and second death), at no extra cost.

Its a great time to save money on Mortgage Protection and Life insurance and we are Ireland's leading Mortgage protection advisers.

Get your mortgage protection approval now and and avail of great offers.

I look forward to working with you to understand your protection needs and in assisting you in selecting the right mortgage protection policy at the lowest price available in the market.

Aly Lavin

Manager Protection Manager

Our business is arranging the best Mortgage Protection, Life Insurance and Mortgage Loans.





Mortgage protection policy options

The key benefit of a mortgage protection policy is that it clears the mortgage in the event of the passing away of the policy holder. Our Mortgage protection calculator was the first calculator in Ireland to compare mortgage protection quotes and then display the best discounted quote available.

There are other benefits included in mortgage protection policies that differ between Life Insurance Companies. We will guide you through your options. These additional benefits fall into two categories, benefits included in the policy at no extra cost and optional benefits for which you pay a little extra.

For example of the free benefits available on all the policies is a facility to allow you to increase cover upon the happening of certain life events, like getting married, having a baby for example.This additional cover requires no new medical information, but one Life Company will allow €40,000 extra in cover, whereas others allow €100,000 extra.

Examples of Automatic benefits that may differ from Company to Company include:

  • Children's Life Cover typically between €4,000 and €7,000 - Zurich do not have this facility
  • Non Smoking Declaration - Only Royal London allow you to revert to non smoker rates on an existing policy if you give up cigarettes - assessed on a case by case basis
  • Children's serious illness cover -typically €25,000 not available through Zurich Life
  • Medical support benefits - available through Royal London, Irish Life and Aviva
  • Accidental Death Cover- during the period after you submit an application up to a certain time limit - typically 30 days- not available through Royal London


We make arranging your mortgage protection insurance really easy.

►Take a minute to complete our mortgage protection calculator,

►You will be advised of the best value mortgage protection quote in the results,

►We will contact you to discuss the results and deal with any queries you have

►We will send you a form for completing online and once completed we will submit your application to the best value provider

►Approval usually takes 24 hours, after which we can issue your policy 

►Clients with certain medical conditions may be requested for additional information before approval is advised.



Product and service features within our range of Life Insurance and Mortgage protection offers include:

►20% policy life discount off the lowest mortgage protection quote on the market ( Zurich Life Insurance)

► One month free cover on Mortgage protection cover ( Royal London Life Insurance)

► Free dual life mortgage protection cover (Royal London Life Insurance)

►Free Second Medical opinion with the Best Doctors in the world ( Aviva and Life Insurance)

►Our calculator compares the best mortgage protection quotes 

Same day approval can be arranged with digital technology

►Applications can be scanned, completed digitally with digital signatures or by return post - whatever suits you best.

►Your premiums are fixed for the full term of the policy

►We can arrange mortgage protection approval and then hold for you until you are ready to start


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Mortgage protection insurance frequently asked questions

Dual Life Mortgage protection at no extra cost- explanation

Mortgage protection insurance policies are designed to clear a mortgage debt on the death of one party to the mortgage.The policy then ceases and the mortgage is satisfied in full.

Royal London, at no extra cost, have added a dual cover facility so that the remaining party to the mortgage can continue to pay their share of mortgage premium and the policy value would in turn continue to reduce in line with the original mortgage plan.

More importantly Royal London, under the terms of their dual insurance cover, will pay out twice if both parties to the mortgage died at the same time - for example in an accident.

Please read policy information carefully and the cover on any protection policy is as per the terms of the policy.


Recent mortgage protection testimonials

"Wanted to thank you for your help organising our mortgage protection insurance so quickly and efficiently.
You probably did not realise at the time, but we were under a lot of stress at the time and your involvement really expedited this difficult process." Sean 

"Thank you especially for your help and quick response. We would not hesitate to recommend your company to other people when it comes to achieving the mortgage and life insurance. Eoin"

Frequently asked questions

Hopefully you will find the answers to your mortgage protection queries Here.

Mortgage Protection Discounts 

Our special mortgage protection discount of up to 16% off the lowest quote in the market is currently available on all new standard rated policies accepted by the relevant insurer.

Mortgage protection discounts offered to us as a leading independent adviser vary from time to time. Quotations are valid for seven days and may change after that date.The quote will remain valid if we receive a fully completed application during the seven day period.

When you perform a calculation on our Mortgage Protection Insurance calculator our system retrieves and analyses all the best mortgage protection and Life insurance quotes from our Insurance partners and then applies an additional discount of up to 16% for mortgage protection and up to 15% for life insurance for the full policy term. Discounts levels vary depending on the Life Company and are subject to change.

By proceeding with your mortgage protection or life insurance quote you agree that you have been advised of our terms of business which is available here Terms of Business
No fees apply for this service.


 Mortgage Insurance Requirements

The insurance requirements that come with a mortgage fall into two categories. We will advise you on the merits of these protection products and recommend the most suitable products to you, based on your unique needs and your affordability levels.

Mandatory Insurance Cover

  • Mortgage protection insurance as outlined above
  • Home Insurance 

Optional Cover

  • Term life insurance
  • Serious illness insurance
  • Income protection Insurance


Summary of Terms and conditions for Life insurance and Mortgage Protection Insurance Quotes

  • Non smoker premiums are based on the assumption that you have not smoked in the past twelve months
  • Insurance cover is subject to acceptance by the insurance company.
  • Prior to arranging life insurance or mortgage protection cover, we will ask you to complete an application form which includes a detailed health questionnaire.
  • Quotations are valid for seven days, or until your next birthday, whichever is sooner.
  • Where two applicants are included the quotation is calculated on a dual life basis except in the case of mortgage protection cover where joint life basis applies.
  • Serious illness cover quotes are on an accelerated basis at the cover level chosen
  • Insurance cover only commences on policy issue.
  • Information for our quotation service are provided for us through Broker information services, who receive quotation data from our Life Insurers.
  • Cover does not come into force until your policy has issued.. The terms of your chosen policy shall take precedence over any statement, representation, act or omission which may have been made by us and which conflicts with any terms of your chosen policy.
  • You must check all details on any proposal form or statement of facts and pay particular attention to any declaration you are asked to sign.
  • It is important that you read all documents issued to you and ensure that you are aware of the cover, limits, warranties, conditions and other terms that apply. Additional information on Life insurance and related products is also available at