Mortgage Calculator Faqs

What factors determine the list of products that are displayed in the results?
Our Irish mortgage lenders are constantly changing their rates, lending policies and criteria. Our  popular mortgage repayment calculator was developed to ensure that you can correctly compare the alternatives available from our lenders as they relate to your specific circumstances.

The results will display the products offered by Irish Mortgage lenders that match your input criteria. For example, if you are looking for a 90% mortgage the calculator will not display a lender offering a max facility of 80% etc.

Using the filter and change options enables you to narrow down your search.

The change option allows you to change the values and terms you have input at the start of the calculation.

The filter allows you to filter the results by lender and change the sort order.
What happens when I click on a product?
If you select a product by clicking, you will link to a products detail page where you can also stress test the loan for changes in interest rates, view summary details of the product including follow on rates in the case of a fixed rate mortgage, and see the impact of increasing your monthly payments on reducing interest charges and the mortgage term.