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Switch your mortgage and enjoy savings, for years to come.

The bigger the mortgage - the greater the savings!

  • Act quickly as rates are rising
  • Knock years off the term of your mortgage by switching
  • Fixed rates start from 1.95% still available
  • 10 year rates from 2.4%
  • No broker fees on switching
  • Low cost legal fees
  • Variable rates from 2%
  • No penalties on your fix when you pay 10% off your mortgage balance each year

Add up to €20,000 if you need funds for home improvements, Children education etc.


Debt consolidation criteria guide and refinance notes

  • We are not currently providing facilities to refinance short term debt in a new mortgage.
  • You cannot increase your mortgage term when remortgaging
  • Fixed rates up to 25 years available
  • Loan value generally limited to 3.5 times income - some exceptions available here for higher income earners - €125k plus.



Important note - Warning: If you consolidate short term debt into a remortgage, you may significantly increase your interest costs if you remortgage these debts over a longer term.