Remortgaging Information

Mortgage Approval Timescales

How long will it take for your mortgage to be approved? Some basic information on the process and what you need to do. » read more


Circumstances change

Circumstances change » read more


Switch and Save

Switching lenders is easy. The incredible fact is that only about 5% of mortgage holders switch . » read more


Exiting fixed rates

We receive a considerable level of inquiries in regard to switching from expensive fixed rates to cheaper variable rates with another lender. » read more


Remortgages Costs and Timing

We constantly monitor the remortgages on offer to ensure we can meet your remortgaging requirements. You should review our switch and save calculator to see what direct savings you will make on rate. » read more


Why Remortgage?

Many Irish mortgage holders are simply paying too much on their mortgage. Invariably, somebody who is currently on a variable rate can save thousands simply by switching to a cheaper lender. However there are many other reasons to look at the equity built up in your home as a driver of investment or improvement. » read more


Debt Consolidation and Remortgages

Debt consolidation is used by individuals who wish to amalgamate existing mortgages and other short term debt into one new loan. Mortgages are among the cheapest forms of credit available because the loan is secured on your home. » read more


Remortgage Example

Most remortgages now involve a straight switch from one lender to another with no debt consolidation. » read more


Fixed and Variable Mortgages Compared

Approximately 70% of all Irish mortgages are classified as variable. Most mortgage holders in general have therefore chosen to take advantage of lower variable rates than opting for the safety and slightly higher rates on longer term fixed rate products. » read more