Mortgage News

Different approaches to smokers across life companies

Life Insurance and Mortgage protection insurance typically cost 100% more for smokers. » read more


Significant reduction in Aib/Haven Mortgages rates

Haven mortgages have significantly reduced their rates and now have an attractive suite of rates across fixed and variable offers and for all loan to value positions. » read more


Widespread confusion over the difference between Mortgage protection insurance and Life Insurance.

Many first time buyers are unclear about the what life insurance cover is needed when taking out a mortgage. The minimum cover required is a basic mortgage protection policy which is a life insurance policy designed to clear your mortgage. Any cover beyond this is optional! » read more


Lenders reduce mortgage rates

Genuine reductions in rates, as opposed to sneaky incentives have been introduced by a number of lenders. » read more


Insure your most valuable asset - Your Income!

Please take minute to watch our video on Income protection. » read more


Information on mortgages issued in 2016

The survey of mortgages issued in 2016 contained a number of interesting results. » read more


New entrants to Mortgage market

Finance Ireland, an Irish based finance company established in 2002, are planning to enter the mortgage market towards the end of the year. » read more


Switching your lender is easier than ever!

We are delighted to announce that you can now switch your mortgage to any to any our lenders and potentially save tens of thousands when switching from expensive standard variable rates. » read more


Help to buy scheme

This is a really attractive incentive for first time buyers. Help to buy scheme for new houses costing up to €500,000. The implications of the new incentive are that you only need to save 5% of the purchase price up to €400,000. On line tax registration is necessary to get your tax rebate! » read more


Central Bank relaxes rules for First time buyer deposits

Relaxation of mortgage rules on deposit requirements is to be welcomed. » read more