Mortgage News

Negative rate mortgages !

As world interest rates remain historically low, banks in some countries are charging people to take large deposits, a consequence of which is the introduction of negative rate mortgages. » read more


36% of Irish Adults have no will.

A survey of 1,000 Irish adults nationwide found that 36% said they do not have a will in place. » read more


10 year fIxed rates now down to 2.85% - the lowest long term rates we have ever seen.

Recent rate movements have hit the market across a range of fixed rate terms. The rate we find most attractive are the 10 year fixed rates form 2.85% » read more - Your one stop shop for all the leading mortgage lenders in Ireland

Recent return of Bank of Ireland into broker market welcomed » read more


Dramatic increases in the price of serious illness insurance expected.

Cost of serious illness cover to rise by 25% The cost of serious illness is expected to increase increase by 25% over the coming months. » read more


Have houses prices peaked?

Recent figures have shown a drop in house prices in the three months to Feb 2019. Is this a seasonal blip or a sign that we are at the peak- for the moment! » read more


Haven Mortgages slash fixed rates

Haven Mortgages ( AIB's Group's broker business mortgage unit) have cut their fixed mortgage rates and now offer good value fixed rates in addition to the lowest variable rates in the market » read more


Fixed rates offer good value in present climate

Nobody knows what the future holds. House prices may continue to rise slowly or they may decrease in value as supply increases. Interest rates may stay the same, fall a little or rise. But uncertainty should not be the reason for failing to make a decision. The best decisions take account of the current information and probable future outcomes. » read more


Switching Mortgage protection Insurance

The new year is a good time to look closely at the direct debits hitting your bank account each month. Our site contains many features and calculators that will help you switch to a better value mortgage, but we can generally save you money on switching your mortgage protection cover also. » read more


permanenttsb reduce mortgage rates

permanenttsb have reduced their 3 and 5 year fixed rate mortgages. This reduction is good news for borrowers and while the rates are a little off some rival offers, their cash back plus offer with these new rates is quite competitive at ltv<80%. » read more