Mortgage News

European Interest rates to rise again in May.

Although inflation has reduced over the past few months it is still too high and the ECB will keep using it's main inflation rate defensive tool- interes trate management- to help reduce the inflaation rate. » read more


Life insurance for couples renting and house hunting - €500k cover from €50 per month

For most people under 40 in good health, life insurance is surprisingly good value. There are many reasons why renters and house hunters should protect themselves against the unexpected! » read more


Why you should consider changing your Mortgage Protection Provider

Mortgage Protection rates have dropped over recent years. If you have had your mortgage protection insurance for a few years now, you should use our mortgage protection calculator to compare your current premium with those currently available. » read more


ECB signals more interest rate rises to come.

ECB base rates have risen from 0% to 2.5% over the past six months. Inflation worries continue and we can expect rates to rise to 3.5% over the coming months » read more


Our Mortgage Protection Insurance Discounts can result in dramatic savings.

In the example below based on a couple, age 50 and 52, we can save them a total of €11,439.36 over the term of their policy. » read more


Understanding borrowing limits and affordability

Lenders generally take a similar approach to a mortgage assessment, but it is useful to understand the background to their lending decisions. » read more


Mortgage Protection Insurance for High Value Mortgages

We specialise in assisting clients with high value properties to arrange mortgage protection insurance. In cases where the insured has an underlying medical condition we do our utmost to secure insurance terms. » read more


Concerned about rising mortgage rates?

Sometimes using a simple calculator to understand the impact of rising rates can be a good ecercise. » read more


Tracker mortgage holders - time to change to fixed rates

Tracker mortgage holders have a narrow window in which to switch to fixed rates » read more


Bank of Ireland rate increase lower than expected

The Bank of Ireland .25% interest rate increase on fixed rate mortgages for new business customers was lower than expected. » read more