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The cost of serious illness doubles between the age of 30 and 40

Serious illness insurance provides cover in the event of you suffering a specified serious illness such as cancer, heart attack or stroke. These policies can make dealing with serious illness easier by providing finance to see you through very difficult times » read more


Fixed rate mortgage battle intensifies

Nothing better than competition to push down prices. Two of our lenders, Ulster Bank and KBC are driving down fixed rates for the benefit of mortgage holders, both new and existing. Now is a great time to lock in to the lowest fixed rates ever through » read more


May 2018 mortgage approval volume increases by 9.8%

According to the report by the Banking Payments Federation Ireland, the volume of mortgage approvals in May 2018 increased by 9.8% compared to the same period last year. The number of mortgage approvals increased from 4,073 in May 2017 to 4,473 in May 2018. » read more


Fixed rates represent good value

While there has been some downward movement in mortgage fixed rates recently we still believe now is a good time to fix! » read more


Concern about Impact of help to buy scheme

New house prices artificially inflated by help to buy scheme. » read more


Government announce affordable home initiative

The government have announced the introduction of affordable purchase and rental schemes in an initiative launched today. Details of the schemes proposals are set out below together with our comments. » read more


Pay extra on your mortgage and knock years off your mortgage term

As incomes gradually increase and interest rates and savings rates are low, you should give consideration to increasing your monthly mortgage payment. » read more


Switching Mortgage Protection insurance

If you bought your mortgage protection from a bank you can be sure you are paying too much and it is also quite likely that you may have additional cover that you do not need. » read more


Some lenders charging very little for breaking your fixed rate Contract

New European mortgage rules are impacting fixed rate penalties in a positive move for customers » read more


Mortgage protection Insurance now available on both lives

One of our Life Insurance partners has introduced a double payout on their mortgage protection policies at no extra cost. » read more

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