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Life Insurance and pensions

When money is tight, Life insurance and pension planning can seem so far removed from pressing needs that they get ignored and put on the back burner. Unfortunately the longer the delay the grater the cost! » read more


Investec to offer mortgages

The entry of Investec into the market is very good news for house buyers and it is expected that they will start writing business through the broker channell in 2014. » read more


Budget 2013

The new property tax will hit hard. The annual cost is .018% or €180 for every €100,000 of your home's market value.A house worth €400,000 will pay annual tax of approx €720 ( half this in 2013). » read more


AIB raise rates by 1/2%

Aib's loss making tracker mortgage book is once again causing pain for variable rate mortgage holders. » read more


Massive rise in ICS rates

Ics, part of the Bank of Ireland Group, have announced a massive increase in rates for new and existing customers .Variable rates are now starting at 4.6% which is 1/2% increase and even more worrying is the rise for >80% loan to value mortgages to 4.8%. » read more


ECB reduce base rate to.75%

Rate reduction Today's announcement of a reduction in the ECB base rate is good news for homeowners and buyers. » read more


Mortgage Protection issues

As many of our visitors are seeking better ways to manage limited resources, focus has from mortgage repayments to protection insurance costs. » read more


Negative Equity mortgages

Reports in newspapers today suggest that approval has been given for lenders to approve negative equity mortgages. » read more


Permanent tsb tip toe back into market

Permanenttsb have significantly improved their product offering for buyers with a 20% deposit.Their new <80% ltv product is well priced at 3.69% ,not as cheap as some lenders but significantly cheaper than others.It looks as if their strategy is to closely track Bank of Ireland's rate. » read more


ECB rates reduced to 1%

Good news fror mortgage holders in today's announcement of a further eduction in interest rates. » read more

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