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Problems in Ireland!

What are the implications of the current turmoil in Ireland? » read more Launched

Finance Company of Ireland are delighted to launch our deposit rates website.We hope you take time to visit our site and any feed back would be much appreciated » read more


Mortgage Administrator Vacancy

We currently have a vacancy for an experienced mortgage administrator in our North Dublin administration office.This is an exciting opportunity to enhance your experience in a growing Financial services business and to contribute to our further development. » read more


Deposits with Irish banks-Guarantees available

Government Guarantee - if your deposits with a bank are more than €100,000 » read more


Bank of Ireland raise rates again!

Following on the recent moves by other lenders Bank of Ireland Group have today raised mortgage interest rates. » read more


House prices - Fall continues

July 2010 house price report » read more


Ptsb raise ratesby .5%

No surprise as ptsb raise rates by 1/2% earlier today. » read more


Rates on the move again

As expected lenders are raising their rates again. » read more


Imf latest economic commentary

Set out below is the latest report of the on the Irish economy. » read more


Fix now before rates rise. 4 year rates of 3.99% available.

Permanenttsb for example are offering customers five year fixed rates of 5.75%.This is extremely expensive and one wonders if the idea is to make money or send customers to other lenders in order to boost their cash reserves. » read more

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