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KBC withdraw 5 year fixed rate

News just in, with deatils still to be confirmed, point to KBC withdrawing their 5 year fixed rate offers,increasing some variable rate products and withdrawing theri €1,000 incentive to switchers.We will update our site as more infromation comes to hand. » read more


Excellent report on the property boom and crash

Click here to view an excellent and comprehensive report of the property boom and crash » read more


Ebs join permanent tsb in withdrawing fixed rate mortgages

Unfortunately EBS will no longer be offering fixed rate options to new and existing customers. » read more


Rate hike!

A number of banks have announced mortgage rate increases today. » read more


Rate rise causes concern

An article in today's Irish Independent indicated that ptsb were considering a rate rise of 1% with the possibility of other lenders following. » read more


New Year sees significant rise in activity

Early indications for 2011 are that buyers are coming back to the market .We have seen the largest level of consumer interest in mortgages since 2002, There may be further to go in house price reductions but with many properties priced at 50% below peak ,buyers are once again weighing up their options and considering entering the market. » read more


Budget 2011

We expect that changes in stamp duty coupled with 2011 being the last year for full mortgage interest will create stronger activity in the housing market next year and will have a stabilising impact on house prices. » read more


What next?

The recent bailout was necessary.Without it we would have run out of money. » read more


Problems in Ireland!

What are the implications of the current turmoil in Ireland? » read more Launched

Finance Company of Ireland are delighted to launch our deposit rates website.We hope you take time to visit our site and any feed back would be much appreciated » read more

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