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Mortgage interest relief extended

Mortgage interest relief (MIR) Mortgage interest relief will no longer be available to house purchasers who purchase after the end of 2012 and will be fully abolished from 2018, as previously announced. » read more


KBC reduce Mortgage offers to 80% ltv

KBC have reduced their maximum loan to value to 80%. » read more


European Central Bank reduces rates by .25%

The interest rate drop is good news for tracker rate mortgage holders and variable rate mortgage holders of lenders who are willing to pass on the rate reduction. » read more


Smokers pay double for Life Insurance

Statistics from outline yet another "side effect of smoking. » read more


Nama mortgages

Nama announced a plan today to release property onto the market and provide purchasers with an effective insurance policy in regard to a fall in value of up to 20% of the purchase price. » read more


European Central Bank raise rates again

The ECB today announced a further rise in interest rates by .25%. This follows on from a similar rise in April of this year.The principal reason for the rise is to to help control » read more


Tracker mortgage incentives

Caution urged on tracker rate incentives! There is speculation that lenders will unveil measures in relation to tracker mortgages which in one shape or another will be designed to reduce the impact of tracker mortgages on lenders profitability. » read more


ECB raises rates

The European Central bank has today raised its base rate to 1.25% » read more


Bank restructuring

Bank Restructuring - Main points of Bank Restructuring in 2011- A total of €24bn needed for Irish banking system » read more


Aib raise fixed rates

Aib have raised their fixed rates by up to 1%. This follows on the recent wave of fixed rate increases by other lenders and the withdrawal from the fixed rate market by ptsb and EBS. » read more

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