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Pay extra on your mortgage and knock years off your mortgage term

As incomes gradually increase and interest rates and savings rates are low, you should give consideration to increasing your monthly mortgage payment. » read more


Switching Mortgage Protection insurance

If you bought your mortgage protection from a bank you can be sure you are paying too much and it is also quite likely that you may have additional cover that you do not need. » read more


Some lenders charging very little for breaking your fixed rate Contract

New European mortgage rules are impacting fixed rate penalties in a positive move for customers » read more


Mortgage protection Insurance now available on both lives

One of our Life Insurance partners has introduced a double payout on their mortgage protection policies at no extra cost. » read more


Interest rates - spot the difference!

Two major lenders standard variable rates differ by 1.4%. Interest rates are really important when it comes to long term mortgage value assessment. » read more


We are Hiring!

We are looking for energetic, motivated people who enjoy working in a customer oriented business to join our team . » read more


Central Bank makes minor changes to lending rules

Reducing he percentage of second time buyers qualifying for >3.5 times income as a maximum borrowing level will have some impact on house prices in the second hand market. » read more


Different approaches to smokers across life companies

Life Insurance and Mortgage protection insurance typically cost 100% more for smokers. » read more


Significant reduction in Aib/Haven Mortgages rates

Haven mortgages have significantly reduced their rates and now have an attractive suite of rates across fixed and variable offers and for all loan to value positions. » read more


Widespread confusion over the difference between Mortgage protection insurance and Life Insurance.

Many first time buyers are unclear about the what life insurance cover is needed when taking out a mortgage. The minimum cover required is a basic mortgage protection policy which is a life insurance policy designed to clear your mortgage. Any cover beyond this is optional! » read more

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