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New home loan criteria targeting public servants and new lower rates from ICS.

ICS reduce fixed rate mortgages. » read more


5 year fixed rate for mortgages over €300,000 from 2.2%

Ulster Bank have reduced their fixed rates with their high value 5 year fixed rates now priced at 2.2%. This applies to mortgages over €300,000. » read more


Mortgage Protection Insurance alone is not sufficient to look after you and your family.

Most new mortgage holders are reluctant to take out adequate protection insurance when embarking on a mortgage journey. The minimum requirement is mortgage protection insurance which clears the mortgage in the event of death, but other protection cover deserve serious attention, as they pay out when the policy holder is alive! » read more


Pay extra on your mortgage and see the term reducing

When interest rates are low and assuming it is affordable , paying extra on your mortgage can have a dramatic effect on your mortgage term. In times of very low inflation mortgage payments can remain a burden when compared to periods of high inflation rates. » read more survey shows our Mortgage Protection is 30% cheaper than Laya and VHI

Laya and VHI mortgage protection are costing approximately 30% dearer than Mortgage Protection arrange through » read more


Steve Lavin joins as Marketing Executive

Stephen Lavin, an honours Marketing Graduate has joined . » read more


Life Insurance and Mortgage protection discounts can result in dramatic savings.

In the example below based on a couple, age 50 and 52, we can save them a total of €12,063 over the term of their policy. » read more


£3,000 for first time buyers

KBC have introduced a special short term incentive for First time buyers, who probably most likely have been approved elsewhere and are set to close before Christmas. » read more


Buying a house Try our new Household budget calculator

Saving for a home requires sacrifice and choice when it comes to spending » read more


Help to buy Scheme for first time buyers to be extended

Better value likely in second hand houses as Help to Buy extended. » read more

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