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Concerned about rising mortgage rates?

Sometimes using a simple calculator to understand the impact of rising rates can be a good ecercise. » read more


Tracker mortgage holders - time to change to fixed rates

Tracker mortgage holders have a narrow window in which to switch to fixed rates » read more


Bank of Ireland rate increase lower than expected

The Bank of Ireland .25% interest rate increase on fixed rate mortgages for new business customers was lower than expected. » read more


Move now and switch your mortgage lender!

Switchers can avail of our market leading Online application facility to ensure they move quickly to secure rates before they rise again. » read more


New Mortgage Rules Ireland

New mortgage rules have been announced by The Central Bank of Ireland following a comprehensive review, including engagement with the public Public. The new rules will take effect in January 2023. » read more


Is your Income protected if you have a long term illness.

Income protection is the most important protection product because it insures your most important asset - Your Income. » read more


Dramatic rise in Finance Ireland rates

The highest daily rise in mortgage rates since we started tracking rates over 25 years ago was announced today by Finance Ireland. Some of their rates have risen by as much as 2% including their 5 year fixed rate which increased by 2% to 5.5%. » read more


European Central Bank increases rates to tackle inflation

Eurozone inflation is currently running at 10%. Recent interest rate rises are aimed at controlling inflation. » read more


Avant Money to increase mortgage rates by up to 1%

Following the recent ECB rate hike and higher market funding costs Avant Money have significantly increased their mortgage rates. We expect other lenders to also increase rates soon. » read more


Haven Mortgages 7 year fixed rate with cash back

Mortgages are complicated products. There are many elements to consider when selecting a mortgage, including initial rate, follow on rate, service levels, flexibility and of course the strength and strategy of the Institution providing the product. » read more

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