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Help to Buy scheme extended until end 2021

Good news for builders and First time buyers » read more


Haven Mortgages (AIB group) introduce €5,000 cash back incentive

The Haven offering of €5,000 cash back is interesting as it comes with competitive fixed and variable rates » read more


Interest rates may stay low for many years to come

The future is uncertain but the conventional wisdom is that we are staying on track for an era of low interest rates. » read more


New mortgage lender will shake up the market

The arrival of Avant Money into the mortgage market is welcome and we expect that some existing lenders will react quickly to their arrival and reduce rates. » read more


House prices expected to fall by 12% in the short term

Nobody Knows what is going to happen to house prices. One thing we can be sure about is they are certainly not going to rise! » read more now arranging full formal approval online.

Corona restrictions have resulted in fast tracking the move to online approval. » read more


Lenders not accepting new applications seeking exceptions above Central Bank rules

Major Banks change policy as Corona virus hits » read more


Lenders reviewing existing pipeline cases before advancing funds

One of the issues causing concern for borrowers is the worry that lenders may change their mortgage policies and reverse decisions in the light of current circumstances » read more


Corona virus

The Corona virus is a major international health emergency which will have implications far and wide and into the long term. » read more


Corona Virus - Too many people not observing Social Distancing Protocol

More stringent measures need to be adopted to ensure social distancing. » read more

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