Life Insurance and Mortgage protection discounts can result in dramatic savings.

25 October 2019
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When we look at savings in the area of mortgages, the most obvious place to look is interest rates. Our clients will always be guided by us towards better value mortgage rates.

However, there are also huge saving in the area of life insurance and mortgage protection insurance. The example below outlines how our discounted quote can save somebody €55.85 per month over 18 years, which adds up to a whopping €12,063.60 over the term of the policy.

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Extract from actual quote on 25/10/2019

€360,000 mortgage protection one 50-year-old non-smoker and one 52-year-old non-smoker for 18 years.

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80.31 per month

Saves you up to 41%

this discounted quote is valid for 24 hours

compared to standard quotes saving is
Zurich Life €100.39 save 20%
Royal London €118.44 save 32%
Aviva €106.77 save 25%
New Ireland €103.99 save 23%
Irish Life €136.16 save 41%