Switching Mortgage protection Insurance in 2019

20 December 2018
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Switching Mortgage protection Insurance in 2019

For the best Mortgage Protection Quotes including our market leading discounts, please complete your details at Mortgage Protection Insurance Quote.

Most mortgage protection insurance is sold through banks.

For many home buyers, allowing the bank to arrange this insurance saves hassle and there is also a sneaking feeling that if you arrange it elsewhere something might go wrong and your mortgage will be held up and this could lead to delays in closing.

Many customers contact us with stories about warnings from over zealous banking advisers that failure to deal with them could cause problems. We have arranged thousands of mortgage protection policies for our clients, without fuss, with the benefit of our clear impartial advice and of course, at a better price.

If you are about to arrange your Mortgage protection Insurance through your lender or if you have already done so, one thing for certain is that you will be paying to much for it. Our Mortgage protection cover will always save you money, every year of your mortgage.

Our current discount percentage off the lowest mortgage protection quotes in the market is 16% - that is 16% every year until your mortgage finishes. For example, if you currently pay €25 per month on a 30 year mortgage, you will save €1,440 over the policy term. 

Important things to remember about Mortgage Protection

  • There is absolutely no need to arrange mortgage protection insurance through your lender
  • Arranging this cover through your lender is expensive- very expensive in most instances
  • Switching is easy. Your can complete an online application and have same day approval for most standard applications.
  • Having access to Six Life Insurance Companies gives you more choice across product options as well as the comfort of searching the market for the best price.