Long term fixed rates from 3.95% for up to 30 years look like good value

04 October 2023
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Over the past number of years, we have switched a large number of mortgages, typically for fixed terms, ranging for 5 to 7 years. Our experience is that customers are reluctant to fix for much longer than 7 years.

The world is changing with interest rates rising very quickly to counter inflation and global conflict a source of major concern. It is a world full of uncertainty. Long term bond yields have risen and this indicates that the market is pricing in higher long term rates, even as inflation is getting under control.

We expect to see further rises in Irish mortgage rates over the coming months.


We believe that full term fixed rates of around 4% look attractive, especially as cost-of-living increases are leaving less room to cope with higher mortgage rates. Having certainty regarding your mortgage repayment level can be a great comfort in these times.