Non resident

Facility for Non resident holiday homes in Ireland 

Applications are considered for " holiday home " residences - Home Loan rates may apply.

  • Minimum income €150,000.
  • Loan to value max 65%.
  • Property is for holiday use - not commercial letting. 
  • Clients must secure income.
  • 35% deposit must come from savings.
  • Prudent financial management and high savings levels to be evident.
  • Expectation is that applicants will return to live in Ireland in the medium term.
  • Our arrangement fee €3,000

Over the past number of years, with the growth in travel and social media, the world has become a smaller place.The pandemic has made it even smaller again with many companies allowing their employees to work at home.

We see an increasing number of enquiries from clients living overseas who want to establish a residential base in Ireland.The scenario where we see successful approvals is typically where properties are purchased here in Ireland to be used as holiday homes.

If you are interested in owning a holiday home in Ireland please Enquire online here