Non resident

We are not currently accepting applications for non resident mortgages

Non resident facilities for Irish and UK citizens living abroad may be available directly from some lenders.

  • Minimum income €100,000
  • Loan to value max 70%
  • Secure long term employment / income prospects
  • Prudent financial management and high savings levels are required
  • Expectation is that applicants intentions are to return to live in Ireland in the medium term.
  • Our arrangement fee €500

Irish residents purchasing overseas.

Facilities will be considered - arrangement fees apply.

  • UK major cities - Through Irish Lenders
  • France - European lenders
  • Spain - European lenders

Self Employed/Contract employment/ Commission Based Employment have vast experience in dealing with these employment sectors and identifying the right lender to match our clients needs.

  1. Assembling proof and consistency of earnings.
  2. Understanding the needs of the self employed.
  3. Showing continuity of employment and future employment.
  4. Using our knowledge and experience to attain loan approval.
  5. Professional presentation of your case to lenders.

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