Mortgage Protection Frequestly Asked Questions

Mortgage protection insurance is a life insurance policy designed to clear the balance on a mortgage account in the event of the death of the mortgage account holder/s. As one of Ireland's leading mortgage protection advisers, we have negotiated a discount of 16% below the lowest quotes in the market which equates to almost 5 years free cover!

Do I need to take out Mortgage protection with my mortgage lender?

Absolutely not - you are free to seek independent advice and deal with the best provider.

We will provide you with the best available product from Ireland's leading Life Insurance Companies and you will save money as a result.

We receive calls  every day from customers who were sold expensive mortgage protection policies through their lenders and who want to save some money and ensure that they still have adequate protection in place.

Do you provide mortgage protection quotes for all the life insurance companies. provides you with the best products from Ireland's leading Life Insurance Companies. We analyse your needs and search the market to find the lowest price policy that matches your needs. We then apply a range of discounts of up to 16% off the lowest price in the market to ensure you get the best value.

We provide clear advice on all the various options open to you.

Our partners account for almost 100% of all mortgage protection business written in Ireland and we select the best products from their range, for you.

Why do I need mortgage protection?

Under the Consumer Credit Act 1995 ( as amended) a Mortgage lender is obliged to ensure that a Life insurance policy is in place to cover the balance due on a mortgage, in the event of the death of a borrower, or in the case of a joint mortgage, in the event of the death of one of the borrowers.

The principal exceptions to these requirements are:

  • Where the mortgage is  taken out in respect of a property that is not the principal private residence, no life insurance is necessary .
  • No mortgage protection is required where the borrower is over 50 at time of Loan approval.
  • It is not mandatory where the premium is excessive due to medical issues.

Important note. The fact that mortgage protection is not required under the exceptions noted above, should not stop you from seriously considering taking out a policy in these circumstances.It is also at the lender's discretion wheteher or not to insist on a mortgage protection policy as a condition of a mortgage.
For further information on the consumer protection Act please click Here

How do I arrange a better value mortgage protection policy.

The steps involved in switching to a cheaper policy are as follows.

1. Check the level of your existing cover and how much you are paying.
2. Compare your current cost with our best offering by using our mortgage protection calculator.
3. We will go through the alternative quotes with you.
4. We will arrange for the completion of the paperwork and issue of your new cheaper policy.
5. Only cancel you existing policy after the new policy has issued

What happens if I stop paying my mortgage protection policy?

Please never stop paying your mortgage protection policy.

It is a specific condition of your mortgage and you will be in breach of your mortgage agreement if you let the policy lapse.
If you are having difficulties meeting your mortgage protection payment, you should advise your lender as soon as possible.

The main reason for continuing to pay your mortgage protection is that If you die and the policy has lapsed, your dependants may not be in a position to afford the mortgage repayments and they could lose the family home

How much does mortgage protection cost?

Use our mortgage protection calculator to calculate the cost of cover.
The good news is that mortgage protection insurance is surprisingly cheap, principally because only tiny fraction of policy holders passes away during the mortgage term.
Mortgage protection charges are fixed for the duration of the policy.

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Our one year free cover offer explained! and have negotiated a special arrangements with our Life insurance Companies to provide you with great value protection.

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Our savings on a typical policy run into thousands for you over the term of your policy.