Mortgage Protection Application Process

What happens when I input details in to the Life insurance calculator?
Our system is connected directly to all the latest life insurance rates provided by the major life insurance companies in Ireland.

Once you enter the information our system compares the quotations from these companies and displays the cheapest quote currently available.

You can change the input data and retrieve more quotes and you can also look at the cost of additional cover options such as indexation or guaranteed insurability ( conversion option) etc.

Below the quotation you are given an option to submit an application.
What happens after I submit an application?
Your application will immediately be allocated to an experienced Financial and Insurance consultant.

You consultant will retrieve the quotations and examine the quotes offered by all the majoe life Insurance Companies.

Your adviser will then contact you by phone to discuss your requirements and explain to you the various options available.

What are the most important points for me to consider?

Buying a financial product is generally an important transaction which we believe shoud be supported by Professional independent advice.
The keys points to consider are:

  • Does the product meet your needs?
  • What level of  cover is appropriate to your circumstances?
  • If you are replacing existing cover,are you losing any benefits associated with the existing policy?
  • How much can you afford to spend ?
  • How secure are the underlying Financial Institutions who are providing the products?
Your adviser will provide you with appropriate advice in regard to these questions.


What options are available in regard to getting the policy issued?

We provide professional independent advice in respect of the Financial products  .You have a number of options in regard to progressing to policy issue:

  • You can set up an appointment to meet your consultant to discuss your requirements.
  • We can send you an application form in the post which you can in turn complete and send back to us.
  • We can go through an online application by phone with you,email the completed application which you can sign and retun to us.The online application process will give immediate underwriting decisions.