Mortgage Protection Insurance Comparison Tables

Sometimes it is helpful to step back and take a broad view on the type of life insurance and mortgage protection you need and whether one particular form of cover has special appeal to you.

In an ideal world, with unlimited resources, we would have,all encompassing cover, with little reference to price.

But the reality is that price is a key factor when selecting cover. Its similar to health insurance;.you can use the public health system or you can go private with awhole host of options, all costing more as teh cover level improves.

The articles below and the related tables will hopefully help you to understand your options at a higher level.

Once you identify your preferences we can then make sure that, (1) we agree with your choices and would be happy to recommend your approach as being in your best interest and (2) that we deliver the best prices on the market for your preferred options.

These figures in our articles are based on the typical prices of tthe lowest provider in the market. When you run a calculation on our various mortgage protection and life insurance calculators, you will get comparative prices between the various providers.


Table 1, Comparing Mortgage protection insurance with coonvertible term life insurance

Table 2, Comparing Mortgage protection with and without serious illness cover

Table 3 Comparing Mortgage protection costs when smoking and not smoking

Table 4 Comparing Morgage protection with convertible mortgage protection Insurance

Table 5 Comparing joint Mortgage and Dual mortgage protection costs.

Table 6 Showing the impact of inflation on future values

Table 7 Comparing lump payments with annual income in life insurance contracts