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Rates fall again

Lenders are reacting quickly to euro(ecb) rate reductions by reducing variable mortgage rates by up to .5 %.We hope to have detailed updated rates by end of week.At this stage only IIB'S rates have been adjusted on our site as we await further details from our other lenders. » read more


Investment tracker mortgage

Mortgage Company of Ireland can now recommend historically low rates of 1% over euribor for certain qualifying investment property mortgages .This product is primarily directed at investors with two or more properties wishing either to remortgage or purchase additional properties.In certain circumstances first time investors will also qualify. » read more


Irish Times highlights calculators

Reviewing the site the commentary on the calculators included :The stamp duty calculator is convenient and simple to use. » read more


First Time Buyers Grant abolished

Following a review of spending estimates by the Minister for Finance the First time buyers grant has been abolished.In order to qualify for the grant buyers must have a signed contract for the purchase of the property in place before the 14/11/02 .Payment of a booking deposit is not sufficient.It seems unlikely that the Minister will reverse this decision despite widespread criticism. » read more


Interest rates fall in United States

The reduction in base rates in the US is likely to add pressure on the European Central Bank to... » read more


Residential investment mortgage calculator added to site.

The introduction of our residential mortgage calculator has proven very popular with our clients and visitorsUsing the interactive features, visitors can compare investment scenarios using a range of assumptions. » read more


Most of the major lenders have now reduced their fixed term mortgages.

In line with expectations that the ECB will hold rates at current levels for the next few months most of he major lenders have reduced their fixed rate mortgages You can check all of these rates on our site. » read more


Banks offer range of top-up options

AIB Mortgage customers can apply for a top-up if additional funds are required for extending, renovating or refurbishing the house or if needed for educational or medical purposes up to 90% of the value of the property. » read more


Permaent TSB reduce fixed mortgage rates

In line with the view that the ECB will not be increasing their interest rate in the short term the Permanent TSB have cut the rates on their fixed rate mortgages. » read more


ECB hold interest rates at current level

At the ECB weekly meeting on Thursday 4/07-2002, interest rates were left unchanged and fears of increases in the short term recide as the Euro continues to strenthen and stock markets are uncertain. » read more

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