Some lenders not to pass on full rate reduction

05 December 2008
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Unfortunately Ulster Bank and First Active are not passing on the full rate reduction of .75%.

The latest news on reductions by lenders following yesterdays .75% reduction in the ECB rate is set out below.These reductions relate to existing variable rate loans.Tracker mortgages will receive the full reduction.Existing fixed rates are not affected by the reduction.

If you would like to talk to a consultant about your circumstances and about the options available please complete an on line enquiry or give us a call at 1850 320 920

First Active .5% Reduction

Ulster Bank .5% reduction

Ptsb .75% reduction

Nib .75% reduction

Aib . 75% reduction

Bank of Scotland .75% reduction

Ics .75% reduction

Halifax .75% reduction

EBS .75% reduction