Ready to apply - new digital application process

16 January 2021
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We are delighted to introduce our new digital application process, making your mortgage journey a whole lot easier.

So if you are ready to apply- this process will make your life much easier:

Basic Mortgage Qualification rules are:

  • Secure permanent employment 
  • Proven ability to pay a mortgage - evidenced through good savings and / or rent payment record
  • Prudent financial management with steady build of savings, low levels of short term debt, no credit card debt etc.
  • Borrowing typically not more than 3.5 times gross regular income


The Application process starts with a brief enquiry and conversation with an advisor to understand your needs and how we can meet your requirements.

After this we provide you with a link to our digital application facility

► Complete your digital application

► We review your details and advise on best mortgage options available

► Upload your documents and we arrange approval

► Now you are ready to buy

► We arrange your offer and also advise on related insurance 

► You draw down the mortgage