OverpayIng with First active/Ulster/NIB/Ptsb ?

02 August 2009
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Over the recent past a wide divergence has emerged between the rates offered by number of market lenders and the lower rates currently available.

If you are on a standard variable rate with either Ulster ,First Active, NIB or Ptsb there may be significant savings by switching to another lender .We estimate that these lenders may have around 45% of the mortgages in the Irish market.

If you are on tracker rate the general advice is to stick with this product.The main exception to this rule might be either you wanted to consolidate some short term debt through a new lender or perhaps you are enticed by some medium term attractive fixed rates offered by another lender.However our advice would be that there should be strong compelling reason to switch from a tracker.

Please note that all variable rates are subject to change at the lenders discretion