New Finance Ireland rates rank highly on our mortgage calculator

15 June 2021
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The latest 15 and 20 year fixed rate mortgages from Finance Ireland are good value.

As an Irish lender with a growing range of products, their introduction of these rates at a time when Ulster and KBC are leaving the country is most welcome.

Most our first time buyers were still teenagers with little interest in mortgages when 5 year fixed rates hovered around 5% for many years. Nor will they be aware of a time when some lenders withdrew fixed rate offers completely from the market because long term funding had become too expensive.

Having certainty on the mortgage rate you will be paying for ten years or more is very comforting, especially if rates begin to rise.

Rates will rise at some stage. It may be number of years away but it will happen.

Unfortunately once they begin to rise, those good fixed rates offers disappear very quickly.

See our mortgage calculator to compare the latest mortgage rates.