now arranging full formal approval online.

25 April 2020
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First time buyers are very active on Despite the awful pandemic, buyers who are fortunate enough not to have had their income changed are still eager to buy and get approval. Most are expecting a softening of prices in the region of 10%. Sellers are also expecting to come under pressure to reduce prices. Buyers need to weight up the cost of rent, the trend in house prices and the probable economic fallout from the pandemic.They also need to be careful with their mortgage options in terms of lender choice, affordability, long term value and taking appropriate mortgage insurance, 

We will assist you with our free mortgage advisory service.

We are delighted that we can now arrange your mortgage approval online. Our policy has always being to meet up in person because we believe that this is very important in any relationship. In the current climate it is prudent to avoid direct contact but hopefully we will meet you at a later stage in the process.

Of course we still chat on the phone as usual, discussing all your mortgage options, making sure you get the best mortgage deal, but documentation can be uploaded online to make the whole process more efficient. We look forward to looking after you in these difficult times .