23 September 2009
share post tweet recently launched its Lisbon Treaty website .

Our site which was developed shortly after the First Referendum with the objective of explaining in clear language what the Lisbon treaty is about.

We certainly have no political affiliations whatsoever .

Our business is based on the presentation of information to assist people making informed decisions and we hope the lisbon2 site will help you in this regard

If you get a minute please visit

We believe that the Treaty is a natural progression for the Eu given the changing world in which we live and given that we now have a 27 member European Union.

The important concessions won by Ireland in regard to the interpretation of the Treaty in a number of areas ,including the retention of a commissioner and control of our own corporation tax rates should allay the fears of many who were uncertain or concerned about these issues at the time of the first vote.

We strongly feel that a no vote would damage our country in the long run.