Mortgage Protection issues

18 March 2012
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Save money on mortgage protection costs!

Unfortunately the opportunities for switching your mortgage to a cheaper lender are quite limited in today's market

As we are all seeking better ways to manage limited resources, focus has moved from mortgage repayments where switching is not an option, to other recurring costs such as mortgage protection insurance costs.

Unfortunately the reality for most buyers since 2003 is that their property is probably worth less than they paid for it. Whilst some may have the resources to move, most of us have to keep the head down and do what we can to manage our commitments.

We have found that many mortgage holders do not know:

  • What type of protection cover they have in place
  • Whether more appropriate alternatives exist
  • Whether more competitive products are available
  • Whether the cover is necessary in the first place.

A five minute conversation with one of our life insurance / mortgage protection specialists could potentially save you a fortune.

For a quotation please visit our Life insurance calculator