Lisbon passed

06 October 2009
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Perhaps not surprisingly the country and passed the Treaty by a majority of 2 to 1.

Whether one was for or against the Treaty there is little doubt that it is good news from an economic perspective,We are aware of a number of investment decisions that have been delayed on account of the uncertainty.

When making decisions businesses like individuals try to establish as much information as possible in order to eliminate uncertainty.Corporation tax at 12.5% is central to our economy as is a clear signal that we want to stay at the centerer in Europe.

We now have the huge problem of our deficit to deal with and the December budget will bring more pain in terms of expenditure cuts.These will be followed by more cuts over the next couple of years.Hopefully in the meantime our tax take will rise as the economy returns to growth.

It is a very difficult time but the reality is that the property boom underpinned our growth and massive expenditure rises.The Government and County Councils i were huge beneficiaries during the boom through taxation and charges

We hope that those most in need will be spared in the cuts to come.