Insure your most valuable asset - Your Income!

16 June 2017
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Income Protection Insurance.

Taking out a mortgage is long term commitment with current mortgage terms typically in the range of 25 to 35 years. The repayment of your mortgage is generally dependant on one or more incomes. If you find you are unable to work at your normal job due to accident or illness your repayments could fall behind and you could risk losing your home. Income protection insurance is an insurance policy designed to cater for loss of income in long term illness situations where you are unable to work at your normal occupation. If this is the case the Income Protection Policy will kick in, after a chosen waiting period, providing up to 75% of your normal income until you return to work, and in some cases, right up to your normal retirement age. Income protection premiums are also eligible for a Tax Credit at your highest rate of tax. Income protection is also designed for both the employed and particularly, the self- employed.

People protect their homes, cars and even their lives, but they forget their Income, their most valuable asset. 

Please review our case study video below to check if this is protection that you would consider for your circumstances.