Fixed rate mortgage battle intensifies

18 July 2018
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Ulster Bank have led the way on low fixed rates over the past year.

It is good news to see KBC now providing stiff competition in the fixed rate area, following their announcement yesterday that they will reduce fixed rates in September, with the headline rate being a five year fixed rate of 2.6%.

We now have a slightly unusual situation in the mortgage market where our best fixed rates are lower than most variable rates. This should act as a trigger to mortgage holders on expensive variable rates to save money and switch their mortgage and avail of these better value products. Mortgage holders on expensive fixed rates should also check what it would cost to exit their current fixed rate contract.

Sample of fixed rate offers:

2 year fixed 2.3%

4 year fixed 2.6%

5 year fixed 2.6%

5 year fixed>€500,000 2.5%

7 year fixed 2.99%


These are the lowest fixed rate mortgages we have seen in twenty years.

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Posted by Shane Lavin, Director.