Finance Ireland providing much needed competition

09 February 2021
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With uncertainty surrounding the future plans of Ulster Bank in the Irish Market, the presence of non bank mortgage providers like Finance Ireland and ICS is very welcome.

We have seen how KBC has shaken up the market for mortgages a number of years ago after a period of soul searching on the future of their Irish operations by the Belgian Group. Their rate reductions were followed by other Banks which will benefit mortgage holders for many years to come.

Finance Ireland who are backed in part by Pimco and the Irish Strategic Investment Fund, provide motor and business leasing finance in addition to their more recent mortgage offering. On the mortgage front, our pick of the Finance Ireland products are their medium term fixed rates, where customers can add a degree of certainty in managing their financial affairs by selecting good value fixed repayment agreements.

Finance Ireland standard mortgage rates will be included on our mortgage calculator from 10/02/2021.