Budget 2011

07 December 2010
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To calculate your 2011 income under the budget changes please click www.deloitte.ie/tc/. ( This link will take you to an external site)

Taking €6 billion out of the economy will impact on demand and economic growth.The Government's hope is that they have the achieved the correct balance in creating a more confident environment through tackling the debt problem.

Many people have waited until today before deciding on a house purchase.

For home buyers the decision now is whether this is a good time to buy or not.Nobody knows the answer to this question.This is your judgment.You have the benefit of knowing that prices have already fallen by 50%.

For second time buyers saving thousands of euro on stamp duty must be like mana from Heaven.

First time buyers will now have to pay 1% duty which will cost €2,000 for a property costing €200,000

We expect that today's changes in stamp duty ,coupled with 2011 being the last year for full mortgage interest relief,will create stronger activity in the housing market next year and will have a stabilising impact on house prices.

The amount one can borrow will reduce marginally on account of slightly lower net income.

From a property perspective the principal points to note are:

  • All stamp duty reliefs ( including first time buyer) abolished
  • New stamp duty rate 1% transactions up to €1 million
  • No change to interest relief .Full mortgage interest relief will continue for buyers next year only.
  • If you take out a mortgage between 1 January 2012 and 31 December 2012,you will get lower rates of relief and lower ceilings on the amounts of qualifying interest.For mortgages taken out after 31 December 2012, no mortgage interest relief will be allowed
  • There are significant changes to section 23 relief with a full restriction on applying relief to rental income beyond the property on which the relief was granted.Landlords will start offloading these non relief properties over the coming months.

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