Advantages of using a mortgage broker

12 August 2014
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Our banks provide the best value mortgages in Ireland.

This includes the lowest variable rates and the lowest fixed rates. They each have distinct preferences and approval processes and we manage your file to ensure you get the very best mortgage product available.

Our business is managed by highly experienced professionals.

Our Managing Director, Shane Lavin, trained with KPMG, qualifying as a chartered accountant, following which he has spent over thirty years in Financial Services.

Shane is passionate about the importance of independent advice.

Your mortgage may be the biggest financial transaction of your life

  • Mortgage brokers offer impartial advice - lenders don't
  • We shop around for the best rate from a range of lenders
  • Mortgage brokers provide a more personal service when compared to dealing directly with a large bank
  • We are available to meet you at times that suits your busy work schedule
  • We do all the shopping for you for you so that at one meeting you can sign applications for a range of lenders
  • We do no charge fees .
  • When lenders change their policies and rates, which often happens during the course of a house purchase, it is important to have the option to look elsewhere at short notice. If the circumstances dictate that another lending option should be considered, we have the contacts and ability to switch at short notice.
  • It is expected that mortgage brokers in Dublin will introduce over 30% of all mortgage business over the coming years.
  • We are Authorised by The Central Bank of Ireland a mortgage credit intermediary


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