25/09/2008 Mortgages.ie launch new site.

25 September 2008
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Mortgages.ie have today launched their latest version of their website .The site currently receives over 350,00 thousand visitts per year .

Commenting on new site , Mr David Buckeridge ,Head of Residential Mortgage Lending said;

"Since the year 2000 we have consistently invested in technology and worked through our websites to give our clients and visitors a genuine understanding of the mortgage process and to use our knowledge to help them make the best mortgage choices .Features of the new site include our new mortgage repayment calculator which is undoubtably the most powerful calculator available to Irish mortgage holders and property buyers.Traditional calculators looked at initial mortgage rates and failed to take account of follow on rates after discount or fixed periods.These follow on rates are now extremely important in comparing the true value of competing mortgage products.

We look forward to receiving feedback on the latest version of our site .It is our customers and visitors who drive the site's content and through their feedback we can continue to improve our offering."