Why choose mortgages.ie?

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1. We are professional experienced advisers regulated by The Central Bank of Ireland.

Mortgages.ie provides impartial information on mortgages in Ireland. We search the market on your behalf to find the lender who will offer the highest mortgage facility levels and the best value mortgages rates. We advice you clearly on affordability levels so that you can enjoy your home while not taking on unsustainable debt. Our role is to look after you in making the right mortgage decision and manage the mortgage process until you move into your new home.

  • We are authorised as a Mortgage Credit Intermediary by The Central Bank of Ireland
  • Our business was established in 1996 
  • Our Business is manged by Shane Lavin,a Chartered Accountant with over 30 years experience.Our team are all experienced and qualified advisers and we are driven by looking after your needs and getting you the best mortgage.
  • We are one of Ireland's leading mortgage advisers having advised thousands of clients on mortgages and related financial products.


2. We search the banks to get you the best mortgage interest rates, looking at short, medium and long term offers.

We search the market to ensure you get the best mortgage rates, looking at introductory rates and incentives, comparing all fixed and variable rates and looking into the future to see what rates apply after a fixed rate period

The rate of interest you are charged is a critical element of your mortgage. product. Unlike any other businesses we have invested heavily in technology to ensure we look beyond introductory and fixed rates to ensure that you can accurately assess the merits of competing products.

This investment is for your benefit!

3. We research bank lending criteria to see who will grant you the largest affordable mortgage facility.

There is significant variation in lending practices between the mortgage lenders in Ireland.

These differences range from varying loan to value ratios, to wide variations in the absolute amount a lender will advance, due to the use of a range of different formulae in calculating how much you can borrow.

Lenders will generally provide different decisions in respect of identical applications.Mortgage Lending decisions will vary across a number of headings including:

  • The level of funds they are prepared to advance
  • The conditions attaching to an advance
  • The interest rates they will charge on their mortgage
  • The long term rates applicable to the mortgage product at the end of a fixed rate periods

4. We look after everything from start to finish and we don't charge fees.

Your mortgage broker will analyse the options available, with the objective being to provide a mortgage facility, that meets your long term requirements.

What services should a good mortgage broker provide:.

  • Meeting you at convenient times and locations
  • Advising on range of mortgage providers
  • Advising on range of rate options
  • Advising on borrowing limits
  • Preparation of detailed recommendations for lenders
  • Provision of all appropriate documentation to support recommendation
  • Managing administration process associated with mortgage approvals and Loan offers
  • Advising on appropriate life cover
  • Advising on home cover options
  • Discussions with client solicitor
  • Arranging closure of your mortgage

We do not charge fees for our mortgage arrangement services.

5. We only deal with strong reputable financial institutions offering the best products.

Lenders who use mortgage brokers include

  • Permanent tsb
  • AIB Group (Haven mortgages)
  • KBC Home Loans
  • Ulster
  • Pepepr Mortgages
  • ICS

We are authorised intermediaries to provide mortgage protection and life insurance with the following life companies

  • Irish Life
  • New Ireland
  • Royal London
  • Zurich
  • Friends First
  • Aviva