Stamp duty in Ireland

30 September 2021
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 First Time Buyer definition

A first-time buyer is defined as a person (or where there is more than one buyer, each person):

  • Who has not on any previous occasion, either individually or jointly, purchased or built on his/her own behalf a house in Ireland or abroad;
  • Where the property purchased is occupied by the purchaser or a person on his/her behalf as his/her only or principal place of residence and
  • Where no rent is derived from the property for five years after completion of the current purchase.

A divorced or separated person is considered a first-time buyer in the following circumstances:

  • If they have left their former marital home and
  • Do not retain any interest in the martial home and
  • If immediately prior to the date of the judicial separation, deed of separation, decree of divorce or decree of nullity he/she is not entitled to an interest in a house other than the marital home
  • At the date of the judicial separation, deed of separation, decree of divorce or decree of nullity, your separated or former spouse must be living in the house which was occupied by you both before your separation or divorce.


Non-owner-occupiers and investors

People who rent out new or second-hand houses or apartments are considered 'investors'. The same rates of stamp duty apply to investors as to non-first time owner-occupiers (See Rules below).


Stamp duty on new houses and apartments

Oe deeds cannot be registered.

Further information

Further information on all aspects of stamp duty may be obtained from:

Stamp Duty Office,
Capital Taxes Division,
Stamping Building,
Dublin Castle,
Dublin 2.
Lo-call: 1890 48 25 82
Stamp Duty Office,
Government Buildings,
Sullivan's Quay,
Lo-call: 21 49 68 783
Stamp Duty Office,
Custom House,
Tel: +353 (0)91 536 300

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