Different types of mortgage

17 September 2008
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Interest only mortgages

No Longer available in Ireland

Tracker mortgages

Tracker mortgages are no longer available for new mortgages.


If you're tired of paying exorbitant interest on your credit cards and unsecured debt, it may be time to take advantage of a home equity loan, either with your existing lender or with a lender offering a more competitive product.

If you need to consolidate debt or are just looking for smarter financing of upcoming projects, a home equity release can satisfy your obligations, lower your payments and provide you tax savings as well. Please visit our re mortgage section for further information.

Second Mortgages are also a smart source of funding for a myriad of uses, from second homes to home improvement. We can help you combine the financial power of your equity with the benefit of tax savings to supply you with the cash you need to achieve your personal goals.

Annuity mortgage

The repayment/annuity mortgage is the most common one. Each month the borrower repays both monthly interest and a portion of the loan amount. Repayments in the early years of the mortgage are mainly comprised of interest. The balance of the mortgage loan owed decreases as the period progresses, until the loan is fully paid at the end of the mortgage term. The results section of our mortgage repayment calculator gives a split between the capital and interest element of your mortgage.

Endowment mortgage

The product is an interest only mortgage that is supported by an investment or endowment policy. The borrower pays only interest during the term of the mortgage and the loan amount remains outstanding until the end of the term. Premium payments are payable on the investment / endowment policy during the term. The endowment policy is similar to a life assurance investment / savings policy that is designed to provide an amount to repay the mortgage at the end of the term.

Current account mortgage

By combining your current account with your mortgage account all money that would normally be lodged into your current account will be taken off your mortgage meaning that you could pay off your mortgage years ahead of your expected date by simply reducing the capital amount. First Active, one of our lenders, were the first Bank to introduce the current account mortgage. The current account mortgage is a variable rate product and does not facilitate fixing your rates.

Our consultants would be happy to explain the workings of this innovative and highly competitive Mortgage product.

Pension mortgage

Pension mortgages are similar to investment/endowment interest-only mortgages. A pension plan supports the mortgage instead of an endowment policy. The product is generally only available to the self-employed or persons in non-pensionable employment, or Company Directors.

The lump-sum portion of a pension plan is used to repay the mortgage principal at mortgage maturity, timed to coincide with retirement.

The borrower has the unique advantage of gaining dual tax relief at the highest tax rate on the pension premiums, which are all the "capital" repayments, and also gaining maximum tax relief on the mortgage interest.

This can be the most tax efficient mortgage method for suitable borrowers.