BoI Trading Up 4 Year Fixed (LTV 60-80%, > €250k) Green Mortgage

Being late on mortgage payments may result in losing the house. Borrow responsibly!

About This Mortgage

  • Available to Existing home-owners.
  • Interest rate is 3.65% for 4 years, followed by 4.45%.
  • APRC is 4.1%.
  • Minimum loan amount is €250,000.
  • Loan-to-Value between 60% and 80%.
  • Maximum term 35 years.


  • A fixed mortgage fixes the interest rate for a term between one and ten years.
  • If the mortgage is repaid earlier, an early repayment fee (also called a breakage charge) is likely to incur.
  • There may be additional charges if you request additional copies of mortgage contract/statement of interest.
  • If you fail to make your mortgage payment in time, a late fee will be charged.
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